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On the Mark

TheMarker_Photo by labetenoir

Photo by Labetenoir


The Marker, San Francisco, delivers the greatest escape.

By Kim Crawford-Zepezauer


It was to be a quick trip to San Francisco—three days and two nights. We wanted to stay somewhere central. Someplace that was accessible to the adventures that we had inked on an itinerary that was otherwise left open to chance. As chance would have it The Marker, a boutique hotel on Geary Street plunked within striking distance of Union Square, met the criteria and, as it turned out, delivered an experience beyond expectation—and in the most curious of ways. Here’s how:



Accommodations range from opulent, jewel-toned, spacious suites to opulent, jewel-toned cozy rooms. The appointments are chic, comfortable, and an aesthete’s dream. Luxurious pillow-topped beds and hyper-speedy Wi-Fi lend an invitation to linger. Its amenities are inviting by way of the nightly live music and wine receptions that are held in the Living Room—simultaneously a potent repose from the day’s undertakings and a rejuvenating bracer for the night’s restaurant or theater outing.


Location & Eats

The Marker’s location is Union Square-adjacent; accessible to Powell and Market Streets BART stations; and within walking distance to the Moscone Convention Center, the City’s Theatre District, prime shopping, museums and restaurants. Tratto Restaurant and Bar, adjacent to The Marker, serves up a rustic, simple and delicious Italian cuisine and a neighborhood bar experience the like of which are frequented by downtown locals and hotel guests alike.

The hotel staff are warm, adept, accommodating and willing to share their ample insights to the City and its many unique offerings. They are the lynchpin to the The Marker’s triumph.

What little was to chance on our getaway trip to San Francisco was appreciably augmented thanks to the time spent at The Marker hotel. (



The Marker Zepezauer Instagram

Infinitely Instagrammable

The 1910 Beaux-Arts style architecture of the building, and the rooms’ decor, lends itself particularly well to Instagram portraiture and artful selfies. These are rooms that beckon a hiatus from the day’s undertakings.

For more inspiration, visit The Marker, San Francisco’s Instagram page.




In 2018, combine a stay at The Marker with a theater adventure

The Book of Mormon
Feb. 6 through Mar. 4, 2018
SHN Orpheum Theatre , 1192 Market St. , San Francisco, CA 94102



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