Wednesday 24 April 2024
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Mozambique’s ‘Laguna Voice’ Features Exceptional Singing Talent: You Be the Judge

By OCinSite At Large


Francois Dean

‘Laguna Voice’ host Francois Dean.

Set in the sultry and convivial Shebeen bar of the storied Mozambique Steakhouse in Laguna Beach, talented vocalists perform, vying for fortune and glory.

Francois Dean & Friends open with a jam session that puts the audience in the right frame of mind, suffusing the evening with their vivacious sound and energy. Then the show begins with a spotlight on up to six singing artists who compete for cash prizes and audience members vote for the winner.  On the last Tuesday of the month there is a “sing off” between that month’s first- and second-place winners for the crowning of that month’s grand champion. 

Make your way to Mozambique every Tuesday night for a fun, surprising night of discovering that “undiscovered” talent. You be the judge of the ‘Laguna Voice.’ 

Follow this link to Mozambique’s Facebook Page to watch and hear past and current ‘Laguna Voice’ contestants performing on the Shebeen stage.

Visit the website for additional information about ‘Laguna Voice’ at Mozambique (


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