Monday 8 August 2022
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"mothering Sunday' by graham swift

Randy Kraft’s OC Book Blog: “Mothering Sunday” by Graham Swift

Graham Swift has a way with words. Truly. One of those terse and elegant British writers who evoke time and place through character. Never...

“My Little Pony”

Being loosely categorized as a humor columnist, I am asked on occasion to write about other people’s funny experiences as if they were my...

Randy Kraft’s OC Book Blog: “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates

What is there left to say of this extraordinary treatise? It’s 152 pages short, packed to the brim with elegant prose, elegiac...

Cynthia Jenkins

“Kiss and Tell” by Sugar Mama

My first kiss was from Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones. I typically like to end the story there, so people can fill in their own blanks...

Randy Kraft’s OC Book Blog: History & Mystery

Periodically I like to look back into the canon of a writer I admire and usually find gems lurking in their past, as well as a glimpse into...