Wednesday 24 April 2024
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Book Talk: “Signs of Life” by Randy Kraft

Randy Kraft's "Signs of Life"Laguna Beach Books welcomes local author Randy Kraft. Randy will be discussing her latest book, Signs of Life.

A novel about the right to live, the right to die, the right to live how we choose when loved ones die. Meet the author: journalist, novelist and book reviewer Randy Kraft.

Libations and nibbles at Laguna Beach Books; Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 5 p.m.

About Signs of Life

Nell’s husband and son died in a freak accident only weeks before 9/11 hit NYC, where she resides, and the one-two punch rendered her a recluse. Ten years later, Anna, her last friend and confidante, is also the victim of an accident, and Nell ventures out from the city to join family and friends awaiting Anna’s recovery. What no one knows is Nell promised Anna to protect her right to die, a role she never wanted, which is further complicated when she discovers secrets that call their friendship into question. Confronting Anna’s defiant sister and husband, bolstering her adolescent children, and encountering unexpected allies, Nell is forced to examine the narratives we create about ourselves and the people we love, and ultimately defend her place in Anna’s destiny, as well as the unusual choices she has made to deal with tragedy.

An intimate story of an unusual bond between a pragmatist and Buddhist, potter and photographer, and a woman who documents memories versus one mired in memory. Who will show signs of life?


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